So What Is Sexy In 6?
6 days a week we provide you with a targeted 6 minute workout that can be done anywhere, sure you can add weights to the workouts if you have them, but you don't have to.
We help you through the minefield that is nutrition helping you make the right food choices, and providing you with quick and easy 6 minute recipes to save you time in the kitchen.
The reason we are offering this at such an amazing price is this: Yes we could  post all this on youtube and have you subscribe to our channel and watch everything there for free, but we want to be more supportive of our Freshfitty 6ers so the small fee paid will eventually go towards developing an interactive website.
This will allow us to have support forums, members only areas, instructional videos on exercises, the workouts themselves and cooking videos, the vision is big but doable.

For now we will be using a private Facebook Group to provide you with everything you need, but this is only for the short term.
This is why the first 500 subscribers get a life membership for €6 if we can get 500 signed up quickly thats the initial interactive site developed.
Everyone thereafter will pay €6 per year, still an absolute steal!
What levels will be targeted?
Everyone will benefit , for the complete beginner the 6 minute workouts are a great stepping stone to a healthier life, for those with a bit more experience no reason why you can't do an extra round of the workout to keep yourself challenged, for the advanced multiple rounds or using the workouts as part of your overall workouts will challenge you in new ways and finally for trainers out there that sometimes get stuck for ideas for classes or clients, you'll have ontap access to awesome drills
All questions are welcomed so please ask!



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